Re: xfaces - how to control duration of msg display

Tomislav Goles (
21 Jan 1998 09:12:08 -0500

/ wrote:
> > Right now xfaces shows
> > me which messages arrived for a brief period of time and then
> > regardless of whether I have touched them or not it changes
> > into nomail.
> This is probably gnus adding the Status: RO header to the message,
> after determining that you have mail, and what it is. Or perhaps,
> you're using a POP/IMAP server, and the daemon is doing that. Either
> way, xfaces decides that such messages aren't "interesting", because
> they've already been "read", and doesn't display them.

My guess is that the behavior is probably caused by either the POP server
or xfaces. As far as I know, GNUS does not touch the /usr/mail files until
you hit 'g' to have gnus pull the mail out of /usr/mail into the gnus
buffers (unless you set up GNUS to automatically retrieve mail which
I don't do).

> If you want to change this behaviour, you should be able to do it
> by fiddling with the XFaces.ignoreMessageBindings resource.

I'll try that. If I get it to work I'll let you know. I have already
tried to comment out that resource but that did not make any difference
(in case this makes any difference, I'm running xfaces on HPUX 10.01).

> Thanks for asking this question - this behaviour bugged me too, but
> I haven't bothered looking for an answer before now. :-)

As I said before I'm new to faces/xfaces but I'm very surprised that
this would be the default behavior. The package seems very well thought
out and designed in many other respects - that's why I was hoping
that it was just me misunderstanding how to set some resource that
was causing this behavior.