solved (xfaces - how to control duration of msg display)

Tomislav Goles (
21 Jan 1998 11:23:06 -0500

> This is probably gnus adding the Status: RO header to the message,
> after determining that you have mail, and what it is. Or perhaps,
> you're using a POP/IMAP server, and the daemon is doing that. Either
> way, xfaces decides that such messages aren't "interesting", because
> they've already been "read", and doesn't display them.

> If you want to change this behaviour, you should be able to do it
> by fiddling with the XFaces.ignoreMessageBindings resource.

The solution (at least for me was to re-define the ignoreMessageBindings
in the following way (notice that the string you put there could be
any regular expression that you hope will never show up in any
header line - so in effect you are telling xfaces to ignore something
that will never match (or to put in other words - ignore nothing).
Why is this not a default is an interesting question (if you just comment
this resource out you get the behavior which I described earlier - my
guess is that this default is hard coded somewhere in xfaces sources).

XFaces.ignoreMessageBindings: \
Status: xfaces-ignore-nothing-in-the-header