Re: xfaces - how to control duration of msg display
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:23:11 GMT

> Right now xfaces shows
> me which messages arrived for a brief period of time and then
> regardless of whether I have touched them or not it changes
> into nomail.

This is probably gnus adding the Status: RO header to the message,
after determining that you have mail, and what it is. Or perhaps,
you're using a POP/IMAP server, and the daemon is doing that. Either
way, xfaces decides that such messages aren't "interesting", because
they've already been "read", and doesn't display them.

If you want to change this behaviour, you should be able to do it
by fiddling with the XFaces.ignoreMessageBindings resource.

Thanks for asking this question - this behaviour bugged me too, but
I haven't bothered looking for an answer before now. :-)