Re:New "unknown" faces database

Glazman Daniel (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 10:58:43 +0000

In message <> 31 Aug 1994 19:59:42, wrote:

> I've extracted the MISC/unknown, com/unknown and
> edu/unknown "smoking spy" faces from the logos database
> (
> and placed them in a new database named "unknown"
> ( For use with
> faces(1), exmh(1), meuf(1) and other such mail monitors, the unknown
> database will usually be placed at the end of the faces database search
> path.
> This was done so that the logos database contained only faces that
> were usefully representative of their domain, and not some sort
> of generic default. Now applications like our WWW-Finger Gateway
> (*) which show an entire
> sequence of logos for a given hierarchy will no longer trail with an
> inappropriate "smoking spy" for .edu and .com domains.

Can't understand... Have edu and com a special status ?
The problem is that com/unknown/face.x[bp]m and
edu/unknown/face.x[bp]m are not very representative of their
domain and could have been changed... Why a special distrib for
these logos ????? Have you given to edu and com new faces ?
It also means that someone who wants to a use a Faces
software has to retrieve one more package than before !

Sorry, Steve, I really can't see the interest in a such