Re: New "unknown" faces database

Marc VanHeyningen (
Thu, 01 Sep 1994 07:46:23 -0500

> Sorry, Steve, I really can't see the interest in a such
> modification.

Well, I sure as heck can, given the number of complaints about them I
get from users of the WWW-Finger gateway.

This represents the idea that faces for domains can sometimes mean two
different things; either something specific organizationally like a logo, or
some sort of a picture that represents not knowing something. It's not
like there exists any specific logo that corresponds with the idea of ".com".
(A picture of Adam Smith? A big dollar sign would be sort of US-centric.
The famous picture from the Devil's Dictionary of three men plundering
one another's pockets given as the definition of "commerce"? A picture of
Dilbert's boss?)

Thanks, Steve...