New "unknown" faces database

Steve Kinzler ((no email))
Wed, 31 Aug 1994 19:59:42 -0500

I've extracted the MISC/unknown, com/unknown and
edu/unknown "smoking spy" faces from the logos database
and placed them in a new database named "unknown"
( For use with
faces(1), exmh(1), meuf(1) and other such mail monitors, the unknown
database will usually be placed at the end of the faces database search

This was done so that the logos database contained only faces that
were usefully representative of their domain, and not some sort
of generic default. Now applications like our WWW-Finger Gateway
(*) which show an entire
sequence of logos for a given hierarchy will no longer trail with an
inappropriate "smoking spy" for .edu and .com domains.

(*) This will not be functional until about Thu Sep 1 08:00:00 EST 1994,
after which our server will be up again.

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