Re: FACEPATH problem - finding the best match

Steve Kinzler (
Thu, 17 Oct 91 08:45:30 -0500

Written Oct 16 23:58:15 1991 by richb%stard@Sun.COM in mail:faces%stard@Sun.COM
+---------- "Re: FACEPATH problem - finding the best match" ----------
| I have to agree that the current situation is a bit out of hand. I'd like
| faces to get back to being a truer reflection of the V8 (and I assume V9, V10
| and Plan9) vismon program.
| How do other people feel about this?

Sounds good to me. I think the ain/dom/machine database format would
be an improvement. Not sure about having the facepath lookup loop
innermost ...

| I'd also have to liase with Steve Kinzler to get the current databases
| converted over to this format.

It should be fairly easy to work up something to convert a database from
one format to another -- and to rework the scripts that deal with the
database to work with the new format.

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