Re: FACEPATH problem - finding the best match

Rich Burridge (richb)
Thu, 17 Oct 91 10:04:41 PDT

>When we looked at the faces program, we decided that the directory searching
>was bogus.
> ...
>[details deleted]
>P.s. If there is interest we can post the diffs to patch to this format.

I have to agree that the current situation is a bit out of hand. I'd like
faces to get back to being a truer reflection of the V8 (and I assume V9, V10
and Plan9) vismon program.

How do other people feel about this?

Rather than have an unofficial set of patches flying around, I'd like to
make this an official change. As it's a major change, I'd bump the version
number, and reset the patchlevel to 0.

I'd also have to liase with Steve Kinzler to get the current databases
converted over to this format.

Responses to me or the mailing list please.

PS: I've just recently converted my machine over to SVR4. It's nice to
know the mailing list still works, even though a lot of things broke.
I'm having to generate an SVR4 version of faces, so those changes
will be in the next patch, plus various other small changes that
people have sent me. It seems a good time to sort out the face
lookup once and for all.

PPS: Rex can you send me your diffs please?