FACEPATH problem - finding the best match

Dirk Craeynest (dirk.craeynest@cs.kuleuven.ac.be)
Tue, 15 Oct 91 16:14:45 MET

[ Rich Burridge suggested to post this problem on the faces mailing list
so that hopefully somebody will be able to verify one way or the other
whether this is a bug or not. -- dc ]

The `faces' manual entry claims (faces version 1.5.6):

To access the face for the mail name machine.dom.ain!uid take the
result of the first successful open from the following list of files
(where $DIR represents iteration over the list of directories in

This means that all directories in the FACEPATH are first searched for
the directory machine.dom.ain/uid. If no match is found, then the
search is repeated for the directory dom.ain/uid, again in all
directories in the FACEPATH; and so on, until misc./unknown.

That's the expected behavior: the `best' match is used, regardless of
the face directory (at least that's what we expect, after reading the
documentation ;-) ).

Unfortunately, the code doesn't implement that! In the file main.c, in
procedure make_iconname, the main loop [1] iterates over the directories
in the FACEPATH. Each iteration step looks for a match [2] as described

---main.c---line 609--------------------
enum min_type
make_iconname(facepath, community, user) /* Construct the icon name.*/
char *facepath[MAXPATHS+1], *community, *user ;

/* Sets up community and user based on the first successful
* open from the following list of files:
* $(FACEDIR)/community/user/[face.ps, sun.icon, 48x48x1, face.xbm]
* $(FACEDIR)/misc./user/[face.ps, sun.icon, 48x48x1, face.xbm]
* $(FACEDIR)/community/unknown/[face.ps, sun.icon, 48x48x1, face.xbm]
* $(FACEDIR)/misc./unknown/[face.ps, sun.icon, 48x48x1, face.xbm]

[1] for (id = 0; facepath[id] != NULL; id++) {

/* Chdir temporarily to the current facedir for faster namei accesses,
* if possible.

path = (chdir(facepath[id])) ? facepath[id] : "." ;

[2] for (iu = 0; iuser[iu] != NULL; iu++)
[2] for (ic = 0; icomm[ic] != NULL; ic++)
[2] for (cptr = icomm[ic]; cptr != NULL; cptr = index(cptr, '.'))

We find this a rather serious problem.

If, for example, in one facedir we have
and in another facedir we have

Depending upon the order of $DIR1 and $DIR2 in the FACEPATH
will be matched with the first or the second face.xbm.
Thus, if $DIR2 precedes $DIR1, the `incomplete match'
takes precedence over the `complete match'

turn the loops [1] and [2] inside out, i.e. iterate in loop [2] over
all directories in the FACEPATH.


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