faces v1.5 patch #1 - status.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Thu, 18 Apr 1991 14:58:10 +1000

So far, I believe every bug that has been reported against v1.5 (that wasn't
already in the TODO file), is fixed in patch #1, which I'm intending to mail
to this list tomorrow morning. Please let me know if there are any others.

The list of proposed changes is included below.

I'm also going to post an announcement message to a selection of USENET
newgroups regarding this version of faces, how to get it, information on
the faces mailing list etc...

The current newgroup list I intend to hit are:

comp.windows.x, comp.sources.d, comp.mail.misc, alt.sys.sun, aus.sources

If you can think of more appropriate newsgroups please let me know.


v1.5 - patchlevel 1 - 18th April 1991.

- From Cameron Simpson <cameron@spectrum.cs.unsw.oz.au>
Part15 contains a duplicate of addr.h. It's identical to the
addr.h extracted by part4.

- From Cameron Simpson <cameron@spectrum.cs.unsw.oz.au>
Added a NOUTIME definition to the Makefile.dist, for those systems
that don't have a utime() call. Adjusted mon.c and faces.h

- From Mike Khaw <khaw@parcplace.com>
There were 2 uses of do_audio in xview.c that weren't wrapped in
#ifdef AUDIO_SUPPORT which caused 'make xview' to abort on my Sun3.

- From Philippe-Andre Prindeville <philipp@inf.enst.fr>
Modifications to the faces.sendmail script to handle echo -n better
with the bash shell.

- Between v1.4.14 and v1.5.0, certain character declarations that were
previously defined as:

char variable[MAXLINE] ;

were changed to

char *variable ;

Fixed up two occurances where the declaraction and an extern for the
declaration didn't match.

- From Steve Kinzler <kinzler@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu>
From Mark Shand <shand@prl.dec.com>
In get_options, char *next is not initialized prior to calling
read_str(&next, ...

- From Victor A. Riley <var@iris.brown.edu>
From Michael Urban <urban%hercules@rand.org>
From John Mackin <john@syd.dit.csiro.au>
The uncompface() routine can scribble all over RAM in certain
circumstances(). This is at about line 72 in compface/gen.c:
Illegal array index 2304 into variable F. Maximum array index is 2303.

[Problem fixed by James Ashton:
The array indices incorrectly range from 1 to WIDTH instead of
from 0 to WIDTH-1 and the same for HEIGHT].