Re: faces v1.5 patch #1 - status.

Ignatios Souvatzis (
Thu, 18 Apr 91 14:15:50 +0200

Rich: I had no problem compiling and using 1.5.0 on a
DECstation/Ultrix 4.1 with -DX11R3.

However on a Convex Unix V8.1 system, the ansi mode of the compiler
complains about zillion things, and the pcc version of the compiler
links a library w/o memset. I propose to put a conditional USEBZERO
into address.y (3 lines) and mon.c (1 line) to use
bzero(string,length) instead of memset(string,'\0',length).
Another change was the line '#include <ctype.h>' at the end of
faces.h -- else isupper and islower would be searched by the linker.