Bug in faces.sendmail

Philippe-Andre Prindeville (philipp@inf.enst.fr)
Thu, 18 Apr 91 00:34:17 +0200

Well, I've found a bug in my patch. Sorry! It seems that if you
are a bash user, then when faces.sendmail runs the line:

( echo -n "X-Face:" ; cat $HOME/.face ; echo "" ) > $TMP

the echo that is executed is whatever echo the user's shell
provides. For bash users, "-n" is just something to print, not the
usual semantics of surpressing the newline.

So, the fix is this:

echo -n "X-Face:" > $TMP; cat $HOME/.face >> $TMP ; echo "" >> $TMP

which also happens to save three processes, since the two echos
are done as builtins to sh and no subshell is forked off. This
turns out to be a win, I guess.

Apologies for not testing faces.sendmail more.