More faces goodies

Steve Kinzler (
Fri, 5 Apr 91 16:17:35 -0500

1) I've fixed the remaining reversed bitmaps in
iuvax:pub/faces/incoming/facedir.tar.Z and extracted the truly corrupt

2) I wrote a new faces front-end script that can display faces for an
arbitrary number of mail addresses on stdin or in files -- facesaddr
in the scripts.tar.Z file. For example, to see the faces for all
the stuff in your mbox file, try:
% grep '^From: ' ~/mbox | facesaddr

3) The facesall script has been moved into the scripts.tar.Z file, too.
The facesaver.tar.Z database compressed much more than I estimated
(only 2.2 Megs) and may be more useful than I expected.

from the brain of Steve Kinzler /o)\
an organ with a mind of its own \(o/ {ames,rutgers}!iuvax!kinzler