Faces status - 8th April 1991.

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Mon, 8 Apr 1991 11:17:31 +1000

The list of changes (so far) for patch #15 are included below. I hope to find
some more time this week to do a few more of the items in the TODO file.

It has been suggested to me that the faces.sendmail script should be
adjusted to include the preceding "X-Face:" itself, so the contents of the
users ~/.face file can be the same whether s/he uses Elm or any other mailer.
This seems like a good idea. Please let me know if you can see any problems
with this (apart from having to force most people to hand edit their ~/.face
one more time).

I've also been slowly adjusting the:

char variable[MAXLINE]

declarations to:

char *variable

and using a new routine called read_str() to malloc up and set the string
accordingly. My intention is to try to reduce the size of the program (and
fixup some sloppy/lazy code).


v1.4 - patchlevel 15 - 8th April 1991.

- From David Purdue <davidp@kau1.kodak.com>
From Mike Khaw <khaw@parcplace.com>
The window and icon positioning broke with patch #14 for the
XView version.

- From Ignatios Souvatzis <u502sou@mpirbn.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de>
From Mark Shand <shand@prl.dec.com>
raise() is already declared on some systems. All occurances of
raise() in faces have been replaced with raisewindow().

- From Lindsay F. Marshall <Lindsay.Marshall%newcastle.ac.uk@munnari.oz>
My faces window beeps and raises itself for no apparent reason.
Certainly no new mail has arrived.

[show_display() was being called in do_mail() even though there wasn't
any new mail - Rich].

- Added in audio capabilities see the README and manual pages for more

- Added Saber entry to Makefile.dist and ran the X11 (Xlib) version of
faces through Saber.

- From John Mackin <john@syd.dit.csiro.au>
The "-b icon_file" option doesn't work. It still comes up with the
default background.

- From Philip Gladstone <philip@bigben.dle.dg.com>
In the top level Makefile, you allow specification of FMONTYPE.
The code in main.c checks for FBMONTYPE. Also the definition of
FMONTYPE=0 and =1 are reversed.

- From Steve Kinzler <kinzler@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu>
Added all the new filters and scripts from Steve to the faces
distribution. Created a new scripts directory, and moved mailq,
lpqall and lpqall.sh across to it. See the README.kinzler files
in the scripts and filters sub-directories for more details.