Faces not appearing

Lindsay (Lindsay.Marshall@newcastle.ac.uk)
Fri, 5 Apr 91 9:46:22 BST

Has any one else had a problem with faces not popping up? I find that
sometimes the faces window raises itslef and beeps but no face appear.
This *seems* to be related to messages with an X-Face header (or maybe
it's just messages from Rich...) but that is only a guess - I havent
been able to pinpoint quite what the cause is.

ALso can anyone suggest where I should the face so that this mail
address picks it up? I have tried all the obvious places and nothing
happens :-


By the way if anyone would like a nicer icon for the UK instead of the
Union Jack one please get in touch - I have a version that is a little
map of the Mainland and Northern Ireland.


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