Re: [Q] xfaces and xpm colormap...

Martin Kraemer (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 12:05:42 +0200 (MDT)

Ricardo Marek wrote...

> - How can I reduce the number of colours in xpm files?. (Any X-Windows
> program that does this?, I was using 'xv', but it seems to produce a
> corrupted xpm file if I save it with a reduced color set.)

There is a program called pixy which was written specifically for dealing
with this problem, and there is the ImageMagick suite which allows you to
do basically the same thing.

Pixy was written by Romano Giannetti <>.
Here's the LSM:
Title: pixy
Version: 3.2
Entered-date: 28MAR96
Description: This program reduces the number of colors used in a set
of XPM (pixmap) files to a fixed predefined set of
colors. Options determine the conversion strategy.
Especially useful for xpm-icon window managers like fvwm
or ctwm. No binary distribution available!
Keywords: color, conversion, reduction, xpm, pixmap, RGB, HSV, fvwm, ctwm, X11R5
Author: Romano Giannetti (
Martin Kraemer (Martin.Kraemer@Mch.SNI.De)
Primary-site: /pub/romano/ /pub/Linux/X11/xutils/colors/
21k pixy3.2.tar.gz
Platform: X11R5 or better, XPM library, ANSI C compiler
Copying-policy: GPL

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