Re: [Q] xfaces and xpm colormap...
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 10:27:02 +0100

> When xfaces is showing the xpm files, the program steals all the
> colors in the color-map, causing other applications to fail in
> allocating colours.

I get the same problem here, sigh.

> - Is there a way to tell xfaces to install/not-install it's own colormap?
> (in the same way netscape does with the -install/-no-install flag?)

Not that I know of, but you don't want this anyway - do you really want
to have the whole screen flashing like that? What you *really* want is
to tell faces to only grab a maximum of x colours. I find that if I run
netscape first, and then use xfaces, netscape grabs the colours, and
xfaces makes do in a fairly effective manner.

> - How can I reduce the number of colours in xpm files?. (Any X-Windows
> program that does this?, I was using 'xv', but it seems to produce a
> corrupted xpm file if I save it with a reduced color set.)

you can do this with the netpbm package, although offhand I can't
remember the exact command. One of the programs included will
reduce the number of colours in a bitmap to the amount you specify,
picking the best options. Alternatively, you can tell pbm to make
bitmap X use the same colourmap as bitmap Y. In his excellent
webmasters book, Lincoln D. Stein presents a script for making a
whole pile of images use the same, reduced colourmap. Sound