Re:, please add it to the distribution...

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Tue, 2 Jul 1996 22:28:41 -0700

In <>, Anthony Thyssen wrote...
> | While hacking X-Face support into XEmacs, I wrote a perl script to make the
> | creation of X-Face headers less of a pain in the behind. Please add this to
> | the distribution so that it propagates...
> |
> Very good. But you don't need to go to perl...
> Also X Bitmap files can also have C Program Comments and
> Hotspot Information before what you assume is the third line
> ``static'' array. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk :-)

Oh well. Feel free to patch it.

It works on the output of bitmap(1), is good enough for most people who want
to draw their own x-faces. They certainly ought to have _something_ more
useful than the 27 line README file that comes with the package...

> In my AIcons library (Anthonys X Window Icon Library)
> support scripts area
> I have a Shell script using the PBMplus or NetPbm Image Tools to
> convert from the variable X bitmap format to the pbmplus bitmap
> format for easier conversion.

thanks for the reference, I'll poke around some time...

> =======8<--------CUT HERE----------axes/crowbars permitted---------------
> # compressed bitmap for use in the mail X-Face header. Requires some
> # bitmap filters from the pbmplus package, and the compface program

Principal disadvantage highlighted. Perl is more common than pbmplus.