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Anthony Thyssen (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 13:35:32 +1000 (EST)

| While hacking X-Face support into XEmacs, I wrote a perl script to make the
| creation of X-Face headers less of a pain in the behind. Please add this to
| the distribution so that it propagates...
Very good. But you don't need to go to perl...
Also X Bitmap files can also have C Program Comments and
Hotspot Information before what you assume is the third line
``static'' array. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk :-)

In my AIcons library (Anthonys X Window Icon Library)
support scripts area
I have a Shell script using the PBMplus or NetPbm Image Tools to
convert from the variable X bitmap format to the pbmplus bitmap
format for easier conversion.

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# xbm2face
# convert an X11 bitmap to a Blit ikon bitmap, and then to a face
# compressed bitmap for use in the mail X-Face header. Requires some
# bitmap filters from the pbmplus package, and the compface program
# from the faces package.
# Anthony Thyssen 17 Dec 1993
xbmtopbm "$@" | pbmtoicon |
sed -e 1,2d -e '$s/$/,/' |
tr -d '\011\012' | tr ',' '\012' |
pr -l1 -t -w22 -3 -s, |
sed -e 's/$/,/' -e 's/\(0x....\)\(0x....\)\(0x....\),/\1,\2,\3,/' |

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