Typos in xfaces.man (version 3.3)

Amir J. Katz (amir@ddddf.com)
Sun, 31 Mar 96 13:15:28 IST

1. In the section describing resource Xfaces.imageTypes:
Shaped xpm file names is wrong. It says "face-shaped.xpm". Should
be "face-shape.xpm" (IMHO).
2. In the section describing resource Xfaces.commandSearch:
"resoiurce" --> "resource"
3. In the section describing resource Xfaces.afterCommandBindings:
This paragraph:

"If the \fI<field name>\fP is specified as \fI*\fP then all headers are
tested. If the \fI<field name>\fP begins with a \| (like
\fI\|Subject:\fP or \fI\|*\fP) then the search is case insensitive."

Is displayed incorrectly by Unix 'man' command - the vertical bars
disappear. I suspect that nroff command treats it as a special


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