A few rookie problems

Amir J. Katz (amir@ddddf.com)
Sun, 31 Mar 96 12:21:21 IST

I'm exploring xfaces in order to use it instead of good ole' faces,
and I ran into two problems:
1. I want to display all mail sent to a mailing list (to which I
subscribe) with one icon. The provided app-defaults files says to
use this resource:

XFaces.beforeImageBindings: \
To: xannounce@x.org: x XAnnounce\n\
Cc: framer: window Framers

but two things are not clear to me from this and the man page:
a) How to specify the regular expression. Seems to me that the
'x.org' above can match not only 'x.org', but also 'xyorg',
'x1org', etc. Shouldn't it say 'x\.org'?
b) The filespecs 'x' and 'window' - how does xfaces look for the

2) Seems like the new xfaces looks at each mail header in the spool
file and displays only new, unread mail messages. So if I invoke
elm to look at the mail subjects only, all the messages in the
spool will no longer be displyed by xfaces. Old xfaces does not
behave like that - it displays everything that is in the spool
file, no matter what the message status is.
This really is annoying when I have many messages in the spool
file and would like to fine-tune my .Xdefaults to affect xfaces

Thanks in advance

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