Announce: AIcons v1.8 Release

Anthony Thyssen (
Fri, 23 Feb 1996 16:55:02 +1000

This is to announce the release of
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Anthony's Icon Library (version 1.8)
This is a large collection of X window Icons for general use by the X
comunity and WWW Servers. Few icon libraries are devoted to the X Window
System (though now there are an extremely large number of WWW collections)
and this is the reason this library was started in 1991.

The icon images found inside this collection are small (generally less
than 100 by 100 pixel across) images that can be used for

* Program icons for general use by window managers
* Buttons / Widgets / Gadgets in X window programs
* Document types for a desktop program (like xdtm)
* World Wide Web; buttons, indicators, lines, etc.
* walls, landscapes, space ships, and other objects for games

This collection does NOT contain any `large' pictures, though smaller root
window tile patterns are present. Nor does it contain `junky' icon images
you often find in other libraries. It is also NOT a library of clipart.

The library has been pre-sorted into various catagories of size, style and
usage which is also different to many `grab-bag' style icon libraries in
the world.

These features is what makes this collection different to other icon
collections, and judging by comments recieved, well liked by users of
the library.


You can examine (and download) the actual library (between versions)
through the world wide web at

Alturnative sources of AIcons (last offical release anyway) includes :-

FTP Distribution
Offical Servers

WWW Servers for the full AIcons Library
BsdI Server
German Server
French Server
Netspace Server

Servers for the WWW Images Section Only
Central Server
Troubador Systems

There is also a couple of AIcons Mailing Lists you can now subscribe
to by mailing with either the lines
``subscribe aicons'' for the AIcons Discussion list or for just the
offical release announcments ``subscribe aicons-announce'' General Discussion (including Announcements) Announcement about new AIcon Library Releases Mailing List Server for (Un)Subscriptions


The library's organization is basically by intended usage.
The icons are stored into 3 major catagories,
desc General descriptive icons for general use. (icons)
appl Icons for use within specific applications.
prog Icons for programming and other purposes.

And a couple of minor catagories
docs General information files.
large Icons which are too large for the library (but included).
support A collection of support scripts, config files, etc...


Thanks to the continued development on the World Wide Web, a real
flood of icons have become available, usally one or two icons from
numerous sites around the globe. All icons downloaded are re-colored to
fit the standard color table used by the library and probably edited a
small amount.

As part of this the WWW area ``appl/www'' has also grown comsiderably.
The icons stored in this section are in X pixmap format, which most WWW
browsers can read. The large growth of the section has also forced it to
split into a number of sub-directories of icon types. WebMasters are
urged however to convert these icons to the GIF format for their own http
servers OR download the latest set of pre-converted images from


Also associtated with the World Wide Web is a set of mathematical
symbols, super/subscrips and greek alphabet created by Karen Strom.
These are normally converted into the GIF format and installed into
a special WWW images directory "/maths" for use within mathematical
documents converted to HTML from LaTeX.

Also the section ``prog/bits'' for Bits and Pieces of Icons has been
divided into two new sections ``prog/bw-bits'' and ``prog/cl-bits''
for Black and White, and Color Bits 'n' Pieces respectively.


The following programs and packages are recommended by me to make this
icon library more enjoyable.

X Pixmap Library
XbmBrowser 5.1
PbmPlus (netpbm)
Xv 3.10a
Xv Xpm Patch

NOTE: the new release of XbmBrowser which is a must for viewing the AIcons
library as a whole. Without this program this library would probably just
not exist.

I am also eagerly awaiting the arrival of the offical PbmPlus package
from Jef Poskanzer. But with the time he is taking (nearly two years now)
I am not holding my breath.

Thanks for your Attention.

Anthony Thyssen ( System Programmer )
Writing software takes twice as long as you expect it will take...
Even if you keep this in mind!
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