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Anthony Thyssen (
Thu, 8 Feb 1996 12:06:09 +1000

Anthony's Icon Library
and AIcons WWW Images
now has some mailing lists associated with it for discussions and
announcements. General Discussions about AIcons Announcements about AIcons (rare)

The ``aicons'' list is for general discussion on Anthony's Icon Library
and in particular X window and WWW icons which is what this library is all
about. (ASIDE: This library is NOT a PC icon library and never will be).

``aicons_announce'' however is only offical release announcements from
myself (moderated list) and mail is send to people in both the above mailing
lists as well as the following mailing lists. X Pixmap Library Discussions PbmPlus (NetPbm) Mailing List Faces Library (for mail faces) List

I will only be mailing to this list a couple of times per year. This
being one and the Offical Release of version 1.8 of AIcons in a few weeks
time for this year.

To (un)subscribe to these mailing list send subscribe / unsubscribe
mail requests in the body of the mail to

unsubscribe aicons
subscribe aicons_announce

If anything is not understood by the majordomo server a help file will be
returned to you.

As mentioned above AIcons will be offically releasing version 1.8
of the library for the benift of the FTP and WWW Mirrors of this library.
A special announcement is mailed to a known mirror coordinators a week
or two in advance of the general announcement.

If you have (or know of) a publically accessable copy of AIcons or the WWW
images, mail me so that I can note its existance and create a link from
the various parts of the library, before the offical release of version 1.8.

The Example Images Pages for the WWW Images is no longer available on
the main server. However the pages are still available for use on other
WWW Mirrors of this part of the library.

Thank you for your time, and any help, suggestions you may have, I hope that
this mailing list proves useful and helpful for all concerned.

Anthony Thyssen ( System Programmer )
`` Be strict in what you send, and forgiving in what you recieve. ''
-- Mr Protocol -- "SunExpert", March 1996
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