looking for an xpmto<foo> converter than understands none

Paul Harrington (phrrngtn@dcs.st-and.ac.uk)
Tue, 30 May 1995 17:26:48 +0100

couldn't find this in the FAQ so I asking the list.

When I tried to convert some of the xpms into ppms (so that I can use
them as Tk-4.0b3 canvas items) I was getting errors about missing or
invalid formats. I upgraded to the netpbm-1mar1994 release but I am
still getting errors as it does not recognise the 'none' colour.

what is the easiest/best way for me to convert the xpm's into ppm's? I
have tried the other approach of using the gifs ...
giftopnm | pnmdepth 255 |ppmquant 5

but I am still getting horrible 4x8x4 colourmap which does not look

I just want to display the flags in a Tk canvas. What am I doing


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