hostname mapping

Steve_Kilbane (
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 13:30:02 +0000

I've been running Rich Burridge's faces 1.11 for a while, and I've just started
looking at Chris Liebman's XFaces 3.3, and as it currently stands, I can't
use it.

My problem is that email coming in from the outside world gets our local
domain added as it goes through our gateway. Thus, instead of getting email
from, it comes from
Faces coped with this quite happily, but XFaces doesn't seem to bother.

Ok, I admit that this is probably something I get our gateway admin to fix
( hacking, yeah!), and I can also work around it by sedding my
spool file, and giving the results to XFace. But is there a solution where
XFace can handle it directly?