How to display an icon for unknown faces using "xfaces 3.3"

Christian F. Goetze (
Thu, 24 Nov 1994 05:53:59 +0900

Sorry if this has been asked a zillion times...

I have trouble understanding what the "beforeImage" and "afterImage" thingies
do. I would like to display certain icons if I can't determine the face
belonging to the message I got.

One easy way to do this is via the facedb, but then I override people
coming in with an X-Face header. If I check for x-face before facedb, I
can't get the nice quality xpms of our local users. So I need something
else. Storing all users as X resources is out of the question, so something
needs to be done with that "afterImage" thing, but how and what?

Also, anyone know a way to tell "mh" to automatically insert the contents
of "~/.face" into the message it's sending? I have found one solution using
the "~/Mail/components" file, but I don't seem to get the "~/Mail/replcomps"
right... Anyone have some templates that work?

Finally, I just want to comment that it has been a royal pain in the ***
to convert our original portrait gifs into xpm icons, then into xbm and finally
into something compface is willing to swallow...

Thanks in advance for any help!

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