XFaces 3.0 Announcement (finally!)

Chris Liebman (liebman@zod.clark.net)
Fri, 25 Feb 1994 20:00:15 -0500 (EST)

It was long.
It was painfull.
It is finaly out!

It can be had from:

Thanks to all the net.people who took time out of their busy schedules
to try the beta versions. Most (if not all) of the problems identified
with the beta versions have been fixed.

-- Chris

--------------- BLURB -----------------

XFaces 3.0
Christopher B. Liebman
February 24, 1994

What is XFaces?

XFaces is a program that will display an image for each
piece of mail in your mail box. This lets you know at a
glance who you have mail from. XFaces starts out (when you
have no mail) looking like a color xbiff. As you receive
mail XFaces becomes a column of mail images. Some of XFaces

- Both mono and color images.

- Optional Shaped window support with both xpm and xbm.

- Sound support using the NetAudio protocol. The NetAudio server
currently supports Sun's SparcStation (SunOS 4.1.X and Solaris 2.2),
SGI's Indigo and NCD MCX X terminals running NCDware 3.1 or later.

- Face images can be "compressed" so that each image will only
show up once on your display. This way, if you receive 30 messages
from one user, list or whatever the image will only show up once.

- You can use regular expressions to search any headers to choose
images and sounds or ignore that mail message compleatly. This
lets you specify an image/sound for mail that comes from a
mailing list or ignore mail that you have already seen but
left in your system mailbox.

- Compatibility support for Rich Burridge's faces program. This
includes the ability to run user command to generate the image

- Support for POP mailboxes.

- XFaces can kick off shell commands based upon mailbox
contents. You could have yourself paged when a high priorty
item needs your attention.

- XFaces can run external filters to convert images into Xpm
so that image formats that XFaces does not understand can
be used.

XFaces is based on the Xt Intrinsics (-lXt) and the Athena
Widget set (-lXaw). To build in Xpm support you need the
xpm library (-lxpm) version 3.2 or later. To build in the
sound support you will need NetAudio 1.1 or later. Both the xpm
and the NetAudio distributions and publicly available with anon
ftp from ftp.x.org in the contrib directory.

Whats new in this version?

Changes in version 3.0: 2/24/1994

The major changes were to add compatibility support for
Rich Burridge's "faces" program:

- Per-face shell commands.

- X-Face: header support.

- facedb image/sound search. (the way faces finds

- User list commands.

- Labling of images. The user name and the number of messages
are displayed.

- The following faces options are supported:
-f <facedbPath>
-e <listCommand>
-p <update time>
-c <# of columns>
-h <image height>
-w <image width>
-s <mail spool file>

- POP mailbox support. (still primitive with respect to
user authentication but functional!)

- A new Tiled widget so that the image list can be N
columns and to allow for the "Rows=nnn Cols=nnn" line
from a user command.

- Full control of the order and imagetype/paths of searches.
The search types are:

- beforeImage,
afterCommand: These are regular expression searches
on the mail headers.
- resource: Lookup image/sound in X resources.
- facedb: Lookup image/sound in "faces" style
- x-face: X-Face: style header.

- Searchs are done for images, sounds and shell commands.

- Much improved shape support.

Changes in version 2.3: 1/20/1994

Compleatly rewrote the mail header parsing. Now all headers
are searched.

Changed slightly the before/after image/sound bining format.
Now you use three parts instead of to. The new format is:
<header name> <whitespace> <pattern> <:> <image/sound file>

Fixed a bug in the image code where a pixmap value was
uninitialized and caused X error on some machines (machines where
the unitialized value happened to be "None" worked! others did

Changes in version 2.2: 1/14/1994

Added new resource ignoreMessageBindings. This allows you to
have some messages ignored.

Made the "Status:" header one of the headers that is searched
with the bindings resources. This allows people who like to keep
200 to 300 messages in their system mailbox to only see/hear from
messages that they have not seen yet.

Made a small change to faces.h to allow for SystemV machines.
I added macros for bcopy, bzero, index and rindex.

Improved mail parsing. Before if there was no subject header
xfaces could be fooled by a line in the body starting with Subject:.

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