Re: Color images and color maps

Steve Kinzler ((no email))
Wed, 16 Feb 1994 09:00:11 -0500

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+---------- Color images and color maps ----------
| My initial
| thoughts are to embed some image processing functions into XFaces so
| that no matter what colors or how many colors an image wants we always
| reduce/dither the image to use a specific set of colors.

Check out the READMEs/colortable file in Anthony's X Icon Library
for a proposed minimal colortable. While not sufficient for XFaces'
purposes (not enough skin tones, eg), it might make a good starting point.

| An idea that
| occurred to me while I was digging out from a recent snow storm was to
| allow reading reading from a filter program down a pipe.

Nice idea. But it'd probably still be worthwhile to build-in a few of
the most common formats (eg, GIF) for efficiency reasons.

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