faces -a and X-Face header

Dirk Craeynest (Dirk.Craeynest@cs.kuleuven.ac.be)
Mon, 6 Sep 1993 15:45:14 +0200 (MET DST)


Did anyone consider implementing the following suggestion from the
faces TODO file?

* From Mark Shand <snand@prl.dec.com>
Add a one or two word hashed key of the X-Face: bitmap to each
internal faces record, so that two identical X-Face'd records
from the same user can just generate one icon with the -a option.

Last year, I suggested Rich to add the option of having messages with an
X-Face: header handled in exactly the same way as messages that need the
faces database for lookup, i.e., only one face icon is shown for each
sender, and multiple messages from the same sender are collected under
the same face icon. (Rich answered that implementing the suggestion
above would solve the problem.)

The reason I asked was that I receive a lot of e-mail from a person who
at that time started to include an X-Face: header in his messages. The
way `faces -a' handles these messages implies that I get as many of his
face icons as I have messages from him in my mailbox or folder.

Is there any chance that this will be implemented in the next faces
release? In other words, is anyone working on this? (Unfortunately,
my knowledge of C isn't sufficient to volunteer for the job...).

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