Wot I found at uunet

Jon Brawn (jonb@specialix.com)
Tue, 17 Aug 1993 13:31:48 -0700 (PDT)

Grubbling round on UUnet (ftp.uu.net), I found:


-rw-r--r-- 1 3 archive 45153 Dec 2 1991 xfaces-1.0.tar.Z

Which I retrieved, uncompressed & untarred.

Here is the README file from there:
Here is my version of color faces built with the Xaw widget set.

You will need the xpm library in order to build this.

You need to decide where to install the faces. We install them in
/usr/local/faces if your site is different then you will need to edit
the XFaces.ad file and change the facePath resource.

Faces are looked via the user name and host name found in the From
field of the mail header and are looked for via:

<facePath>/<host>/<user>.xpm (color)
<facePath>/<host>/<user> (b&w)
<facePath>/DEFAULT/<user>.xpm (color)
<facePath>/DEFAULT/<user> (b&w)

If the mail was from the local host, there is no hostname on the from
line then the host value defaults to "LOCAL".

You can override an individual face via a resource of the form:
XFaces.<user>@<host>: /path/to/bw/filename
XFaces.<user>: /path/to/bw/filename
The color name will be computed by adding a .xpm extension to the
named file.

Only one face is shown for each user/host combination.

The files RdBitF.c XRdBitF.c allow reading either sun icon or x bitmap
files for b&w faces. You should be able to remove them safely if they
cause you any trouble.

The color support is provided via Xpm version 3 which is available on the
contrib tape for X11R5.

Please send fixes/bugs/enhancements!

-- Chris

Chris Liebman
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So what? I dunno. Just thought you might be interested.

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