Re: Faces mailing list has moved; WWW->finger+faces

Steve Kinzler ((no email))
Tue, 23 Mar 1993 09:40:52 -0500

Written 23 Mar 1993 10:32:13 by in mail:faces
+---------- "Re: Faces mailing list has moved; WWW->finger+faces" ----------
| How does this compare to the icsi-finger variant of GNU finger?

I don't think it's really meant to compete with GNU finger, but rather
to serve a useful function within WWW. Still, it is more broadly usable
than GNU finger since it doesn't require anything special (not faces,
not GNU finger) to be installed at the local or the fingered site --
just the WWW client, of course.

I haven't gotten around to installing GNU finger here, yet, but I've
heard wonderful things about it. The official ICSI distribution is in*.tar.Z anonymous ftp.

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