Re: Faces mailing list has moved; WWW->finger+faces

Tim Chown (
Tue, 23 Mar 1993 10:32:13 +0000 (GMT)

Steve Kinzler writes:
> Marc VanHeyningen has implemented a finger service in the World Wide Web
> that uses the faces databases to display the fingeree's face/logo along
> with their finger information.

I guess you all know about this, but in case not ...

How does this compare to the icsi-finger variant of GNU finger? We run
that here and it's very cute. Being based on the GNU finger it has many
very nice options. A master gfingerd keeps track of all the users on named
clients, so you don't need to know *which* machine to poll, gfinger just
reports for all of them, in effect. Tutors like it as it lets them know
exactly when their tutees last logged into the system, anywhere (and what
they look like, if meetings are rare).

If you want to try it out I've put it up for FTP here at
( under pub/unix as icsi-finger-1.0.17.tar.Z. One of our
undergrads fetched it down, so I'm not sure what the official distribution
site for it is; I assume a quick archie would reveal that ...