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+---------- "wish list" ----------
| BTW, I love using faces. It's great fun. My face will change once we
| get our bitmap reduction transformations working, so don't take it too
| seriously. It's a self portrait.

Awww, I like the self portrait ... :-)

| I run several faces windows, because I have two inboxes, and other
| mail files that I would like to visualize. I would like to specify
| the name or title that appears at the top of the window for each of
| them so I can keep them straight. I'm using dxwm, by the way.

"-l label" in the newest versions.

| I would like to be able to write
| arbitrary rules with AND's, OR's, and NOT's combining terms consisting
| of particular bits of text in particular headers in the message. That
| is, a term is defined as the presence of "text-string" in
| "field-name", and the rule is composed of boolean combinations of
| terms mapping to a uid@a.b.c with any of a, a.b, or @a.b.c missing.
| So for example:

| (from montalvo) & ((to faces@Aus.Sun.COM) | (cc faces@Aus.Sun.COM))
| => question

| would be a rule that says, if the message is from montalvo and is to
| the faces mailing list even in the cc field, then use the question
| icon in misc. in the faces window.

In the scripts directory of the faces distribution, there is an
alternative mailbox monitor -e application (from.faces, from.allrc-eg)
that I use instead of the built-in one. It behaves somewhat differently
(ie, the way I like it) and also has the ability to custom configure
what icons you see based on any line in the header (or logical
combination thereof). You write the rules in perl and put them in
from.allrc. I use this to get icons for mailing lists that don't
have a consistent From line.

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