Re: wish list

Jamie Zawinski (
Mon, 6 Jan 92 15:30:49 PST

In message <> Fanya S. Montalvo wrote:
> me an idea for future work. If a message contains a "Purpose: foo"
> field, it should override the "From:" field for the purposes of
> displaying an icon, or at least there should be an option to let
> another field override the from field when present.

I think the right way to do this sort of thing is to notice that the Subject:
line contains certain text, like "party" or "phone", rather than introducing a
new header field.

> (from montalvo) & ((to faces@Aus.Sun.COM) | (cc faces@Aus.Sun.COM))
> => question

I like that; especially if "from", "to", etc are the names of arbitrary header
fields, and the other strings are regular expressions (instead of straight

-- Jamie