faces -H hostname fails for me :-(

Tim Chown (T.J.Chown@ecs.southampton.ac.uk)
Wed, 8 May 91 14:25:23 BST

I am running faces 1.5.1 (the penultimate version) on a SPARC SunOS4.0.3.
I also get this problem on a 4.1 machine. Any help/tips would be very
welcome ...

When I use "faces -H foo" I get the users on the local machine! From
running dbx on the executable it seems that although the -H flag is
being processed properly (in get.c), the hostname variable is then being
overwritten later both in main.c line 251 and also in x11.c line 579.

I am using NIS and NOUTIME, but everything else is default (I think).

Other than this, I am very impressed with the faces package - keep up
the good work! I have found a couple of things I needed to add for
compilation on SunOS4.0.3; one was the extra ctype.h definition in
mon.c and x11.c (as in patch 2 anyway I think) and the other was to
include <sys/types.h> inside the ifdef NOUTIME in faces.h, line 155.

As a preferred option, I also edited mon.c line 121 to read

if ((do_audio) && (!firsttime))

so that the sounds aren't all played when the mail box is searched,
only on the arrival of new mail.

Many thanks again,