Re: Official patch #2 for faces v1.5.

Alan Skea (
Tue, 7 May 91 13:41:37 +1000

I have a slight problem getting faces 1.5 going on our Suns which I was
hoping this latest patch would fix but it doesn't. We are running SunOS
4.0.3c on most of our machines and while we have the utime() library
call, we do not have a <utime.h>. If I compile with NOUTIME defined
then the utime structure that is declared in faces.h fails because type
time_t is not declared. If I compile with NOUTIME _not_ defined then
the compiler fails when it gets to the #include <utime.h> in mon.c.
My solution to this is to compile with NOUTIME declared and to alter faces.h
as follows:

*** faces.h.old Wed May 7 10:40:38 1991
--- faces.h Tue May 7 13:46:42 1991
*** 160,165 ****
--- 160,166 ----
#endif /*NOINDEX*/

#ifdef NOUTIME
+ #include <sys/types.h>
struct utimbuf { /* Make a utime() definition for systems without it. */
time_t actime ;
time_t modtime ;