Re: Official patch #2 for faces v1.5.

Steve Kinzler (
Mon, 6 May 91 22:09:12 -0500

Written May 6 19:48:16 1991 by, in mail:
+---------- "Official patch #2 for faces v1.5." ----------
| * I've put a copy in the pub/faces/incoming directory on,
| for those of you who have anon ftp capabilities. Steve, could you do your
| bit with this file please, and place a copy in the parent directory?

Now installed as pub/faces/faces.tar.Z.

| I've also put a copy of the uuencoded compressed Patch2 shar file in there.

Installed as pub/faces/patch2.shar.Z.

| * When I get back, I'd like to divide up faces into three programs:
| - (faces) the actual program that will display a list of face images.
| - (faces daemon) ...
| - a set of filter programs. ...

Right on!

| - From Steve Kinzler <>
| * ... There are two new faces scripts:
| - newscheck.faces
| - newsfrom.faces

You beat me to the punch :-) I hadn't announced these to the list yet
since I was still working on building up a reasonable-sized newsgroup
database. But, I worked on it enough today that it's somewhat useful.
Note that the news database (and maybe the scripts, too) will be
changing almost daily in the near future (the ftp versions will be
up-to-date). I rather like the newscheck program, but it still needs
more bitmaps -- anyone willing to help out or contribute would be
appreciated. I haven't even started scrounging through the Poskanzer
stuff yet. Note that you'll have to configure the newsgroup(s) to
monitor at the top of the newsfrom.faces script.

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