Need a little help getting started

Skip Montanaro (
Sun, 21 Apr 91 18:41:59 EDT

I'm having some trouble getting going with faces. I've built it, and it
runs, but when I try and send mail to myself on my local machine, faces
always displays the blank face icon, unless I have an X-Face: field in my
mail header.

My faces directory has a entry. It has both montanaro and
montnaro entries (the second simply a link to the first). montanaro contains
a face.xbm file.

The file in my faces directory has the two lines

and my file has the two line

FACEPATH is not set.

When I execute "egrep '^From' /var/spool/mail/montnaro" I see

From montnaro Sun Apr 21 18:16:36 1991
From: montnaro (Skip Montanaro)

suggesting that somehow the absence of a machine name has to get mapped to
"", but I can't figure out how to do it.

I must be missing something pretty elementary. What is it?


Skip (