Re: Fixed up v1.5.1 now available.

Mark Shand (
Sun, 21 Apr 91 13:57:13 +0200

The compface saga is not over yet.

Uncompface is still far from robust in the face of maliciously or
erroneously constructed faces. I just received an X-Face: header
in which the X-Face: keyword was duplicated. Not only did this face
decode incorrectly, but subsequent, correctly formed face headers
were also corrupted. Let's add bullet-proofing of uncompface to the
TODO list.

While your adding this, you could presumably delete John's now done TODO:

> * From John Mackin <>
> The RFC822 address parsing in parsefrom.c appears, on quick
> inspection, to be grossly inadequate. (It certainly doesn't
> handle comments in addresses, for one thing.)
> Here's an example that fails:
> From: user@host.dom.ain (A (Nested) Comment)

I believe this is not the only obsolete TODO entry.