Re: Multiple face databases, etc

Mark Shand (
Tue, 9 Apr 91 23:18:58 +0200

> So the databases are a kind of bootstrap --
> once lots of people are running faces and using X-face, we can do
> without them.

I reckon what's going to happen is that people will become obsessed
with the bootstrap, and phase two, the switch to X-Faces will never
happen, BUT lots of people will waste lots of time optimizing database
access ... have you followed the latest rash of postings to I might be wrong, I hope so, but why go to X-Face
if you have this database solution that sort of works and is only
getting incrementally out of control. Why not just keep adding
duct tape?

I was hoping the bootstrap would happen by individual sites adopting
X-Face and then non-participating sites seeing the X-Faces in the
headers and clambering aboard.