Re: Multiple face databases, etc

John Mackin (
Wed, 10 Apr 91 06:56:06 +1000

Guys (and girls, if there are any on the list),

I'm really behind with everything right now, so please bear with me a
tad. (This especially means you, Rich.) There have been a lot of
issues raised on the list recently that I want to take up, but I just
don't have time. I do feel, however, that I have to clear up some
confusion on Steve's part:

From: Steve Kinzler <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 91 14:54:13 -0500

PS: One last thing, a very little (and ignorable) complaint about
faces. Iconifying a faces window always places the icon at the same
spot on the screen (top, about midle). This is contrary to all other
X11 applications which leave the icon near the top, left corner of where
the window was (the default placement, I presume). Since the exact icon
placement can always be specified with a geometry flag, can we make the
default the same as other X applications?


This has _nothing_ to do with Rich's application -- or indeed, any application.
Where an icon is placed is _completely_ under the control of the _window
manager_. Yes, applications can specify a geometry for their icon; and
many (I suspect, very many) window managers will ignore it. I know mine
does; I told it to, except for certain application classes which I do allow
to place their own icons.

Window geometry is, in some sense, up to the application, but since
if no window manager is running, there will be no icons, icon geometry
is _purely_ a function of the window manager. If you don't like the way
your window manager handles an icon for a certain application, seek
first for the beam that's in thine own eye -- that is, read the manual
for, and reconfigure, your window manager, rather than speaking to
the author of the application about it, since s/he has nothing to
do with it.