Re: faces performance issues & database lookup

Rich Burridge (richb@stard)
Mon, 8 Apr 1991 17:43:30 +1000

} While I'm on the subject of X-Face, I like the -a flag and use it
} habitually, but I have a complaint. If I get a second message from
} the same user the original face bitmap is used _even_if_ the second
} message includes a _different_ X-Face. I like the idea being able
} to occasionally tailor X-Face to message contents. I wish the -a
} option did not interfere with this.

Okay. I've just fixed this. Faces -a will now generate a new record (ie.
a new icon), for each X-Face:'ed mail message. It makes no comparison with
preceding mail messages with X-Face: lines from the same person; I currently
don't save enough information (ie. the X-Face: data) in order for that to be