Re: faces performance issues & database lookup

Mark Shand (
Mon, 8 Apr 91 08:51:51 +0200

> Which leads me to refer to Mark's comments about this. He is 100%
> correct, in an ideal world. Unfortunately, that's not the world
> we've got. At the moment, we need the databases, a lot.

Err, sorry, I don't understand. Why do we need databases a lot?
In my view EITHER:

the user, or his system admin, has his act together and can include
an X-Face header in outgoing mail.


he's a bozo, incapable of including an X-Face, in which case,
a) why should I trust him to keep his part of the database up to date
in my local copy.
b) who cares what this fool looks like anyway.

Surely no information is better than disinformation?

While I'm on the subject of X-Face, I like the -a flag and use it
habitually, but I have a complaint. If I get a second message from
the same user the original face bitmap is used _even_if_ the second
message includes a _different_ X-Face. I like the idea being able
to occasionally tailor X-Face to message contents. I wish the -a
option did not interfere with this.

Mark Shand.

PS: -eU-nHJ}9uOltg'5L~W:R+d|g[d6h2#NC*cs=l,*TA.SF{d_O=|iT<JI+.KK~SGN&wk=$.9
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