Re: Faces audio support ala xbiff++

John Mackin (
Fri, 5 Apr 91 01:48:06 +1000

Rich writes:

This seems to be the way to go for sound support. I don't know if
there is a size limit for a single X resource. That might be a
slight problem. [...]

I'd like other people views, but unless there are any strong
objections, I'll aim to start work on this over this weekend.

I have huge objections. This does _not_ belong in the resources. Please
do not ever lose sight of the fact that the resources are in _server_
memory (as the RESOURCE_MANAGER property of the root window) and server
memory is, by the hard facts of life, a scarce commodity.

I will discuss this whole issue at greater length when I write about
where we should be getting argyments from in general. That'll be
on the weekend probably; at least it will be when I'm not intoxicated.
(I only dialed up to _read_ mail but felt this demanded a reply.)