Audio support, vismon, databases

Lindsay (
Thu, 4 Apr 91 9:49:57 BST

I like the idea of audio, but I only have a SUN 3 so it won't be any
good. Now if you could organise all this so that it would work on my

I still want faces to work the way that the old V8 vismon did which is
that new faces slid gently done from the top of the window and didn't
just pop up suddenly.

The dbm idea sounds good to me, but getting everyone to use X-Face is
even better - my disc is filling up with faces of people who will
never mail anyone at this site. In fact people who no longer exist at
the places they are claimed to. I like the idea of having a database
of unknown and common icons, but keeping people is too much of a hassle.

How about fixing the twm/notitle bug before starting on the audio


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