vshnu the New Visual Shell
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Screenshot #1

Here we see a long directory listing in vshnu. The libperl and libperl/Term subdirectories have been expanded to list their contents. Note that the most recently modified files have a brighter date, and the relevant permissions for the current user are also brightened. Seen at the bottom of the terminal, the user has switched to the command line shell to run ls(1) and is about to return to vshnu.

Screenshot #2

Here we see a listing of the beginning portion of a /bin directory. With options, directories have been sorted to the top and the . and .. files have been excluded from the listing. The user is in the "choose" key command mode. Five files have been chosen and the user is about to run sum(1) on them.

Screenshot #3

Here we see a directory with each file listed with its file(1) command output. The user is in the "do" file action mode and has selected a tar file, for which there is a choice of special actions. The user is being prompted whether to list or extract the selected tar file.

Screenshot #4

Here we see some of the online help. This is the top portion of the special actions that apply for file types and extensions in the "do" file action mode.

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