Steve Kinzler's Chinese Name

My Chinese name, chosen for me by my Mandarin teacher is:

ʿ (Simplified Chinese)
(Traditional Chinese)
˨ӣ訬٨ (pinyin)

The first character/syllable is the surname, one of the about 350 common Chinese surnames. The second and third characters/syllables are the given name. They have the following meanings in Mandarin:

Ke (1st intonation)
  1. stalk or branch
  2. axe handle
  3. a Chinese family name
ʿShi (4th intonation)
  1. scholar
  2. noncommissioned officer
  3. a person trained in a certain field
  4. a commendable person
Yi (4th intonation)
  1. justice, righteousness
  2. meaning, significance
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