Steve Kinzler's Anagrams

An anagram is a phrase made by reordering the letters of another phrase.

Some fun anagrams of "Steve Kinzler" are:

  • Elk zits? Never!
  • Zen trek lives!
  • Live Zen treks.
  • Vile Zen treks.
  • Evil Zen treks.

Perhaps better are these from my full name "Stephen Boyd Kinzler":

  • Bronze thinks deeply.
  • Kindly bronze pest, eh?
  • Prized then noble sky.
  • The prized 'n noble sky.
  • Eh! Blink dozy serpent.
  • Blind then pesky zero.
  • Sprinkle by the dozen.
  • Sprinkled by the zone.
  • Think by dozen lepers.
  • Dozen best hyperlink.
  • Dozen hyperlinks bet.
  • Her dozen types blink.
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