Trend Micro's Virus Protection Added to Sun Microsystems Netra Internet Servers

Date: Tue, 1 Oct 1996 5:22:04 PDT
Subject: Trend Micro's Virus Protection Added to Sun Microsystems Netra Internet Servers
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Trend Micro's Virus Protection Added to Sun Microsystems Netra Internet Servers; Detects Internet and Email Computer Viruses; First Internet-ready Server to Protect Against Viruses

CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 1, 1996--Trend Micro Incorporated and Sun Microsystems Inc., today announced they have signed an international technology licensing agreement to bundle Trend Micro's award-winning virus protection software with Sun's Netra Internet Server (TM) family. A customized version of Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall(TM), a leading anti-virus product designed specifically for the Internet, will ship with the 3.1 version of Sun's Netra Internet Server.

The software stops more than 8,000 viruses, including the notorious Concept macro virus, before they can infect internal networks through Internet file transfers, web browsing and E-mail attachments.

"Computer viruses are proliferating on the Internet and the best protection is to stop viruses at the Internet gateway - before they infiltrate to the end-user," said Trend Micro's chairman, Steve Chang. "Corporations worldwide are seeking a way to add virus protection to their Internet and Intranet security requirements. Sun is setting a new standard in this area as it has in so many others, all to the benefit of its customers."

"The heightened risk of virus infection is one of the unfortunate byproducts of today's rapidly growing use of the Internet and E-mail, and companies are increasingly pointing to it as a major security problem," said Sun's director of Internet Product Marketing, Dennis Tsu. "Sun is committed to keeping the Netra Internet Server Family the most powerful, secure, reliable, and easy to use web server line available."

InterScan VirusWall scans Web browsing traffic, E-mail attachments and File Transfer Protocol downloads. InterScan VirusWall for Netra Internet Servers limits the mail scanning component to 500 users per server and comes with one year of free software updates to ensure protection from the newest computer viruses. License extensions for additional users and software updates will be available from Trend Micro and its worldwide network of authorized resellers.

InterScan VirusWall intelligently sorts through incoming network traffic. It identifies the highest risk packets/communications paths and scans each one of them for viruses. This at once maximizes the protection impact and minimizes the performance impact of the scanning. Its advanced mail-handing capabilities enable the software to quarantine infected attachments while sending the mail text itself to the recipient(s) with customizable warnings inserted. Virus alerts are also automatically sent to the system administrator and the sender of the infected file.

Virus Infection Rate at an All Time High

A study by the National Computer Security Association released early this year found that 9 out of 10 large companies in America had been infected by a virus in the month of February alone. Computer virus infection is a rapidly growing threat to Internet and Intranet communications. In fact, it is estimated that virus writers generate several new viruses each day. Virus infection of corporate networks is at an all-time high, mainly due to the spread of the Concept macro virus that infects Microsoft Word documents.

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro, based in Cupertino, CA., is a leading developer of server-based virus protection, with products designed for file servers, Internet and Intranet gateways, and E-mail servers. Trend Micro's virus protection software supports NetWare and Windows NT as well as Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX and other major UNIX operating systems.

Trend Micro's products are sold directly, through its network of Security Partner resellers and through OEM relationships. This announcement with Sun comes on the heels of the Sept. 24 announcement that Netscape will add Trend's virus protection technology to the Netscape Proxy Server.

Along with Netscape Communications Corp., Intel, Novell, NetManage, SCO and, now, Sun Microsystems are among the companies that have selected Trend's server-based virus protection as part of their premier security, management and Internet product lines.

Trend co-developed with TouchStone Software PC-cillin 95, a leading workstation anti-virus. PC-cillin was recently awarded PC Computing Magazine's 5 star award - the highest in its category, and Home PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award. Trend Technology is in the best-selling LANDesk Virus Protect sold by Intel. More than 12 million users worldwide are protected by Trend's anti-virus expertise. Trend also maintains the Anti-virus Support Center at, the most comprehensive online source of computer virus information.

About Sun Microsystems

With annual revenues of more than $7 billion, Sun Microsystems, Inc., provides products and services that enable customers to build and maintain open network computing environments including private corporate intranets and the public Internet. Widely recognized as a proponent of open standards, the company is involved in the design, manufacture and sale of products, technology and services for commercial and technical computing. Sun SPARC (TM) workstations, multiprocessing servers, SPARC microprocessors, Solaris (TM) operating software and the ISO-certified service organization each rank number one in the UNIX (R) industry. Java (TM), Sun's platform-independent programming language, provides a comprehensive solution to the challenge of programming for complex networks. Sun Microsystems was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.