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These are some scripts, configuration files and man pages from my Unix/X Window System home environment. They were developed and collected to allow me to maintain an enhanced, consistent home environment across many varieties of Unix and many separate home directories. As such, they generally favor portability over efficiency and restrict themselves to ubiquitous Unix tools when possible, but take advantage of better tools when available. As a systems administrator in a heterogenous environment, I've found them to be useful.

Feel free to browse and borrow from these files as you wish. I'm afraid there's often little or no documentation or comments, so you may be on your own to figure out what some of them are good for. Most of my scripts (ie, except those in the "Other Authors" section) will only print a usage message if run with a -h flag. Most of the scripts will port "as is" to most versions of Unix and have any configuration options specified at the top of the script file.

Note: Please observe any copyrights in these files. If none is given for a particular file, an implicit copyright by the author may be presumed which permits copying, modification and redistribution and with any express or implied warranties disclaimed (ie, use at your own risk).

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Web Administration

  • binp/certinfo - output various SSL certificate information, not comprehensive
  • binp/ftw - file tree walker for FollowSymLinks
  • binp/httpsumm - add a summary atop a personalized http notifications mailbox
  • binp/prenviron - print the script's Unix running environment; CGI
  • binp/rolllogs - rollover NCSA-style HTTPd log files
  • binp/starthttpd - start, restart or kill an HTTP daemon, as needed
  • binp/whichssl - probe which SSL protocols are enabled on the given server

Web Usage

  • binp/browser - browse the given url in a new window
  • binp/colorize - create a .html version of a text file with vim gui syntax coloring
  • binp/comics - generate daily personal comic strip web page
  • binp/firefoxwin - open a new firefox/mozilla/netscape window, start it if needed
  • binp/gowww - web browse the given URL, fragmented URL, or web query
  • binp/grepbm - convenience kludge to grep through browser bookmarks
  • binp/htmlbit - output personalized, standard segments of HTML to build web pages
  • binp/inbrowse - web browse the given standard input, guessing its nature
  • binp/mebrowse - browse and delete my personal browseable mailboxes
  • binp/rollmicq - rollover the micq log file, summarizing and truncating it
  • binp/tinyurl - command line interface to a URL shortening service
  • binp/urlencode - URL or HTML encode or decode the given strings
  • binp/vibm - convenience kludge to edit a bookmarks file inserting the given URL
  • binp/webdaily - personalized daily web page invoker
  • binp/webrowse - browse the given input in a local web browser, with markup
  • man1/webrowse.1 - browse the given input in a local web browser, with markup
  • man1/webrowse.html - browse the given input in a local web browser, with markup

Unix Administration

  • binp/dudf - list the disk usage of the given files with percentages of the drive
  • binp/dumpdates - list last dump dates for mounted filesystems
  • binp/dusumm - summarize the `du -s` output contained in the given files
  • binp/fqdn - attempt to output a fully-qualified domain name for each given host
  • binp/mailqto - summarize hosts for which there is undeliverable mail
  • binp/mkdu - create disk usage .du-YYYYMMDD_HHMM file in current directory *NEW*
  • binp/pmods - list all installed, nonstandard Perl modules for the given perl
  • binp/rdistsumm - summarize rdist stdout and stderr output, highlighting any errors

Unix Usage

  • binp/align - filter to align columns of text
  • binp/ansi2latin - filter text to convert ANSI chars 128-159 to Latin-1 visibles
  • binp/atls - list spooled at(1) job commands
  • binp/attach - convert the given text mail msg to MIME plus the given attachments
  • binp/autoformat - smartly automatic text formatting filter
  • binp/box - construct reply/followup header and quote mail message or news article *NEW*
  • binp/calend - simple replacement for a subset of the calendar reminder service
  • binp/calendar - current directory independent front-end for calendar
  • binp/cconfig - list the configuration for the given C compiler command
  • libp/cconfig.c
  • binp/cdefs - list the standard definitions for the given C compiler command
  • libp/cdefs.c
  • binp/ch - execute both chown and chmod, with abbreviations
  • binp/code2 - convenience front-end for crypt2 file encryption command
  • binp/color - output the input with the given color
  • binp/cols - tools for managing environment variables set from TSV output
  • binp/cshas - run a login csh with the given user's environment
  • binp/csv2tsv - filter comma-separated text (csv) into tab-separated text (tsv)
  • binp/ctime - convert a Unix time integer into a date string
  • binp/ctimecol - convert input columns from time to ctime format
  • binp/dict - simple command line front-end to a dictionary server
  • binp/eachhost - run the given command for each host listed on stdin
  • binp/filterck - run each given file through the given filter to check errors/exits
  • binp/fixmail - filter email text for various personal preferences
  • binp/fixmod - run a recursive chmod to standardize file and directory permissions
  • binp/getdate - convert a date string into a Unix time integer, or test a daterange
  • binp/gitit - personal convenience front-end for git
  • binp/globus - convenience front-end for common Globus operations
  • binp/grc - front-end to run grc commands even if grc isn't available
  • binp/grepw - case-insensitive grep stdin for all/any of the arg words in a line
  • binp/hostum - DNS lookup given hosts, also trying domains *NEW*
  • binp/ingroup - list members of the given groups
  • binp/killpid - kill given processes with SIGTERM else SIGKILL
  • binp/ldapq - perform a common search on an ldap server *NEW*
  • binp/mak - convenience front-end to make for output logging and backgrounding
  • binp/man - front-end to run man with a specific pager
  • binp/matchcol - merge two tab-separated tables by matching on a common column
  • binp/mimebrowse - browse the given MIME messages/folders in a local web browser
  • binp/mimeindex - create a msg-index.html file in the given directories
  • binp/mimemix - construct and output a default MIME message from the given files
  • binp/minhdr - filter out commonly unwanted message header lines
  • binp/mirrorif - mirror current directory to where depending on current host
  • binp/noerr - run a given command discarding stderr
  • binp/nzmail - front-end to $MAILER that does nothing if the stdin is empty
  • binp/office - system *office front-end with some extension corrections
  • binp/penv - output environment variables in Perl-sourcable format
  • binp/plug - update sections of files with the output of embedded commands
  • binp/pop - pop files out of a subdirectory
  • binp/psduplex - filter to insert PostScript code to set/unset duplex mode
  • binp/psh - a simple perl shell, interactively run shell and/or perl commands
  • binp/push - push files into a subdirectory
  • binp/pushmime - push messages or mboxes into subdirectories with their explosions
  • binp/qp - filter to decode/encode quoted-printable or base64 text
  • binp/quote - single-quote each line of input for shell processing
  • binp/regexp - explain the given perl regular expression
  • binp/reminder - personal front-end for remind and tkremind commands
  • binp/renam - move or copy files and directories based on a sed or perl script
  • binp/resend - forward a mail message on input to another given address
  • binp/rot13 - Usenet-standard, simple text encryption filter
  • binp/ruler - print an 80-character ruler
  • binp/runif - run the given command depending on a given (stateful) condition
  • binp/runme - run an executable found relative to a base
  • binp/safe - run a command but kill or report it after the given amount of time
  • binp/scp - configuration front-end for scp
  • binp/sendfile - submit the given files to backgrounded, nohuped delivery agents
  • binp/sentmail - archiving sendmail front-end that sets the envelope to the From
  • binp/snaps - snapshot ps, convenience front-end for the ps, kill & renice commands
  • binp/sortc - sort and count unique input lines
  • binp/spellarg - check the spelling of the word arguments
  • binp/sshauth - (de)authorize ssh access to the given hosts
  • binp/stats - print requested single distribution statistics
  • binp/tdiff - word-level diff on two files with HTML output
  • binp/timegrep - grep lines with a Unix time tab column within the given date range
  • binp/tmpto - place input into the given files all at once
  • binp/todo - conveniently move files between todo and work directories
  • binp/tsv - stdin filter to extract/manipulate columns of tab-separated text
  • binp/tsv2html - filter tab-separated text into an HTML table
  • binp/tsv2xls - filter tab-separated text into an Excel worksheet
  • binp/tsvdesc - describe columns of tab-separated text
  • binp/ttyuser - output the owner of the tty, else $USER else $LOGNAME
  • binp/viak - convenience kludge to create and edit one's ssh authorized_keys file
  • binp/vigrep - edit all files containing the given regexp
  • binp/visib - text filter to make all characters ASCII visible/printable
  • binp/vshnu - an enhanced vsh-like visual shell supplement in Perl *NEW*
  • binp/waterme - mail a reminder to water the plants
  • binp/wh - list all instances of given files in a search path
  • binp/width - determine the printing widths of input lines
  • binp/worked - report cumulative login time
  • binp/xgrp - run a recursive, logging, backgrounded, nohupped group owner switch *NEW*
  • binp/xls2tsv - filter Excel worksheets into tab-separated text
  • binp/z - safely (un)tar and (de)feather files and directories
  • man1/z.1 - safely (un)tar and (de)feather files and directories
  • man1/z.html - safely (un)tar and (de)feather files and directories
  • binp/zzcat - uncompress stdin and/or files to stdout

Unix Uniformity

  • binp/archit - guess machine's application architecture
  • binp/lsacl - display AFS or POSIX ACL file information in short format
  • binp/mail - runs the UCB mail command no matter what it's called
  • binp/opsys - guess machine's operating system
  • binp/rev - reverse the sequence of characters in input lines
  • binp/rshp - runs the UCB remote shell command no matter what it's called
  • binp/whichpkg - attempt to output the given files installation packages

Unix Configuration





  • binp/clipcurrency - personalized Palm web clipper for currency exchange rates
  • binp/clipevents - personalized Palm web clipper for local event announcements
  • binp/clipmovies - Palm web clipper for local movie theater showings
  • binp/clipnights - personalized Palm web clipper for local nightspot shows
  • binp/clipumich - personalized URL generator for umich event announcements
  • binp/clipupn - personalized Palm web clipper for local UPN broadcast schedules
  • binp/clipweather - personalized Palm web clipper for local weather report
  • binp/greplist - grep on the text version of Palm List databases
  • binp/palm - backup sync, install pending files and sync time on a Palm PDA
  • binp/palmppp - run a PPP Internet session for a Palm on a serial connection

Personal Home Directories Administration

  • binp/ckaccts - check accounts configuration
  • binp/ckperl - rough test that all Perl modules are present for HOME
  • binp/daily - routine main home directory update and distribution
  • binp/dailyl - routine host check
  • binp/dailyp - routine pushed hosts home directory update and check
  • binp/greph - grep over all my home directory configuration/script files
  • binp/grepmake - grep over most of my administrative Makefiles
  • binp/hosts - list hosts with given keys
  • binp/mkhomes - make homes file
  • binp/mkl - make ~/l directory of convenience symlinks
  • binp/mkwhatis - make personal man/whatis or man/windex files
  • binp/rdisth - rdist home directory, using rdist and rsh/ssh
  • binp/scph - remote copy files to other (home) directories, keeping relative paths
  • binp/vigreph - vigrep over all my home directory configuration/script files
  • binp/vigrepmake - vigrep over most of my administrative Makefiles
  • binp/work - list hosts' various working, incoming, and pending files *NEW*
  • etc/work.html - personal web browser starting page *NEW*
  • etc/homels - home directory distribution and status configuration
  • etc/homes - listing of known home directory locations


  • doc/es-verbs - chart of Spanish regular verbs
  • doc/esprit.txt - How to Get the Most Out of Your Esprit 6110 Terminal under Unix
  • etc/ascii - ASCII and ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) code reference tables
  • etc/opr-c - C operator precedence reference table
  • etc/opr-java - Java operator precedence reference table
  • etc/opr-pl - Perl operator precedence reference table

Other Authors

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